OnClick Business Solutions is IT solution provider. We bring our IT and Medical expertise together providing the cost-effective, total service and support solution Healthcare IT Professionals have been looking for. We deliver a comprehensive solution with a single point-of-contact allowing you to focus on better patient care. We provides fully-customizeableable software system for small clinics to large hospitals. We helps you get your clinic or hospital up and running within few days.

Simply put "one size does not fit all"!. You run your practice in your own way. Different consultation forms, prescription, advice and data that you capture in your day to day medical practice. Your personal touch and the things you do is what differentiate you from other doctors. So why give up and negotiate with your practice.

Most commercial software offer highly complex solutions which are mostly underused or not properly implemented in clinical practice. You end up paying a lot for the features you do not need and are not exactly suit your practice. Further, data extraction for analysis and customized reporting to facilitate practice based research and process improvements are either not possible or are difficult to do when your data is outside your reach.

HealthLink Flow

EMR Flow

OnClick offers a variety of IT services that enable efficiency, increase performance, and drive innovation to help organizations meet their business goals. OnClick brings with it assured delivery, predictable execution, detailed methodology and established process to help clients achieve superior results.

As the increasing patient demands and ever-rising costs, electronic patient records are gaining ground as a new standard in medicine practice. Besides providing quicker access to patient information, electronic records which allow you to take better care for the patient. We have the expertise to design and implement a solution for all kind of medical facilities and hospitals.

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